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At C & S Exteriors LLC, we specialize in giving your vision a life through our professional infrastructural and renovation assistance. Our team of expert contractors is always ready to offer high-quality personalized support. With a keen focus on quality craftsmanship, we ensure to convert your boring multifunctional spaces into an appealing and functional one that exceeds your expectations at the top. 


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Find our wide range of Services for Your Construction Requirements.

General Contracting

Expert help of construction contractors for overseeing and managing the building projects from start to end to ensure their successful completion.


Don’t put your life on hold to fix everything on your own. From small to big home, We repair everything efficiently by taking our customized Handyman Services.


Safely remove or dismantle buildings and other structures with Demolition Contracting support while taking precautionary measures for safety assurance.

Crawl Space Vapor

Crawl space vent covers help in the prevention of moisture buildup and reduce the chances of mold growth in the structure.

Metal Carports &

Metal Carports & building Sheds are designed to provide shelter for vehicles, equipment, or other storage equipment.

Residential & Commercial

Repairing, renewing, or upgrading damaged properties and turning them back to their ideal condition.


Professional contracting support for roof inspection, repair, and maintenance. It covers various types of roofing materials such as shingles, tiles, metal, or flat roofing systems.


Create a sturdy base for a building infrastructure with the help of special concrete leveling and repair support.


Helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces with the proper attention towards their repair, maintenance, and refinishing.

Drywall & Painting

Attain a flawless and polished look for your wall area with the help of our professional Drywall & Painting Contractors.

Pressure Washing

Best choice for cleaning and improving the appearance and toughness of surfaces. It helps in the prevention of mold growth and mildew.


Projects Completed


Happy Clients


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Take a look at the work section to ensure exceptional quality standards in our construction ventures. 

Ready to convert your structural dreams into reality?

We provide customized design plans to give your building a fresh and aesthetically appealing look. 


Here’s what our satisfied customers think about us: 

Thank you for giving me the best flooring experience. For the past three months, I have been planning to upgrade the floors of my living space but not exactly sure what look I wanted. Luckily I got to know about C & S Exteriors and took its carpeting assistance immediately. The team arrived on time, measured and inspected everything, and came up with the perfect floor-covering idea. The whole team was polite, respectful, and extremely cooperative throughout the process. Highly recommended.
Smith Morgan

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Clean the building surface by removing all the valuables and hazardous materials from it. For safety purposes must ensure that all the workers wear the right PPE and follow the exact plan directions. 

We can provide you with a rough estimate verbally. But for an accurate estimation, we typically prefer to inspect the work area first as every project comes with unique requirements and different space designs.

It simply takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. Then, it takes a whole day to dry before a drywall repair can be painted. 

It falls anywhere in the range of 10-60 years. The major factor that decides its lifespan is its type and the kind of material that has been used. Asphalt shingles usually have a shorter life cycle than others while on the other side, metal roofing lasts longer like 40 to 70 years. 

As they have great experience in performing a wide range of tasks and repairs, they can do the work much faster and more efficiently than you could do for yourself.

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